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SINCE 1979

SAEKO was founded in Taipei in 1979 as a specialized swimming goggles manufacturer. In thirty-four years, our R&D team accumulated expertise of Ergonomic and industrial design. We are leading at the number of new product development and new patent applying every year, which shows SAEKO is a professional brand of swimming goggles to every swimmer.

Based on the passion for water sports, SAEKO have created numerous Taiwan first products like first anti-fog swimming goggles and first optical swimming goggles with anti-fog function. SAEKO's R&D comes from various industries include ergonomics, material research, ID design. We also cooperate with government & University laboratory for latest water sports technology. As the time pass by, swimming goggles has turned from sport accessories to personalized accessories, and sure we will keep improving our innovative ability.


All SAEKO products are 100% produce in Taiwan. We continuously develop high specification and high quality goggles with our company principle “Integrity, leniency, Quality”. To achieve this goal, Saeko started to introduce ISO 9002 system into business practice in 1999 and upgrade management system to ISO 9001 : 2008 in 2009. By building MIS system, we also got huge improvement for production speed and quality stability.


Currently SAEKO’s product has been spread to fifty-two countries on five continents. We offer a wide variety of swimming goggles that are perfect for all kinds of situations, from the recreation to profession. Beside our own brand, we also help international sport brands build up their swimming products and become long term partnership. We are very proud to say, there are over twenty-five million swimmer have used our products. We believe there will be more swimmers join SAEKO.

Because we understand your needs, SAEKO specially develop “ULTRA4” technology for all swimmers. UltraFIT brings most comfortable swimming experience ever; UltraFUZE are the latest material which is softer and has better waterproof ability; UltraFAST Buckle makes preparation before each exercise so easy; and Ultra Anti-FOG can prevent fog or mist. We guarantee, whether you are a professional swimmer, fitness swimmer or a beginner, you can find your own goggle in SAEKO.

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World leading R&D ability

  • Manufacturing know-how and capacity.
  • Ability to invest product development.
  • Total 62+ world wide patents in Taiwan, China, EU, US.
  • Experienced in OEM/ODM projects.
  • Take on responsibility for quality (fit, look, specification, legal requirements).

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