JET Blackened Goggles S58 Racing Goggles


Para Swimming
Para swimming features athletes with physical, visual, and intellectual impairments.

Depending on their impairment, swimmers can start in the water, from a dive start sitting on the starting platform, or from the typical standing start. Blind and visually impaired swimmers are required to wear blackened goggles and have an assistant (called a "tapper" ) to help (tap) them as they approach the pool end wall to make turns or finish the race.

What are blackened goggles?
In order to ensure a fair competition, athletes in the S/SB11 sport class are required to wear blackened goggles. SAEKO JET blackened goggles comply with the World Para Swimming rules and regulations, swimmers can wear them in competition without concerns about disqualification (pending final goggle check at the end of their race by the technical officials.)

In the market, it is not easy for athletes to find a good pair of blackened swimming goggles for training and competition. SAEKO heard that, JET blackened goggles were born.

  • Built with Soft Frame UltraFIT Technology with an emphasis on performance.
  • Features superior hydrodynamics due to low-profile lenses and a gasket that extends to your temples.
  • Dual low drag silicone straps attach past the temples and feature a back clip for adjustability.
  • Premium UV 400 polycarbonate lenses offer razor sharp vision above and below the surface.
  • Includes 4 interchangeable (XS,S,M,L) nose bridges to customize fit. PVC and Latex free.
  • FINA approved swimming goggles.
  • 2018 Taiwan Excellence Award.