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UltraFIT technology is based on years of Ergonomic experiment from SAEKO R&D. It brings most comfortable swimming experience to the swimmers. UltraFIT technology not only fit your face while swimming, light weight structural design also leaves no burden during exercise.
3D Ergonomic Design
Ergonomic 3D seal is just like your skin. It reduces the pressure around the eye and also improve perfect waterproof.
35yrs Bio database
Saeko accumulate over35 years experience in manufacturing swimming goggles. All our goggles designed by Saeko professional R&D team with human biological database. Our goggles are so comfortable like specially design for your face.
UltraFAST Buckle
We understand the eyes face large pressure at the moment you put on the goggles with stretched head strap. Saeko exclusive UltraFAST Buckle helps user quickly and easily adjust the tightness of head strap. With UltraFAST Buckle, the preparation before each exercise becomes so easy and safe. You can choose different type of UltraFAST Buckle from different models.
Easy Clip
Through EASY Clips, you can adjust tightness easily. To tighten, pull the ends of the straps delete away from your head; to loosen, press the clip on the device, meanwhile pulling back the strap.
X-FIT provides an extremely simple, quick and effective experience to connect and disconnect head strap. With X-FIT, children could learn how to wear swimming goggles by themselves, and women could wear swimming goggles neatly without tangled hair.
UltraFUSE is a breakthrough innovation of swimming goggles. To enhance waterproof ability and comfort, we combine soft TPE rubber with lenses & frame by latest rubber injection technology. UltraFUSE makes design of goggles more elegant, it also enhance comfort, reduce pressure around your eyes and leak free.
Soft-Contact TPE Gasket
TPE rubber is softer than silicone. Unlike traditional swimming goggles require tight trap for waterproof, UltraFUSE can significantly release pressure and marks around your eyes.
The temperature of your skin will make rubber fit your contour of face, which provides comfortable and waterproof ability.
Super lightweight material
UltraFIT swimming goggles replace old PC plastic frame, it hugely reduce the weight of goggles which brings you comfortable fitting during distance swimming.
Ultra Anti-FOG
When you are swimming, the lens easily fog up because the difference between temperature of cold pool water or ocean and warmer air inside the eyecup. It can block your sight and also cause danger. Saeko exclusive long-lasting anti fog coating can prevent fog or mist, provides clear vision.
To enhance anti-fog experience for swimmer or outdoor sport, all Saeko wide view goggles have panoramic anti-fog. It means coating covers all area of the lens, provide clearer sight than traditional goggles.
Other Technologies
More SAEKO technologies.
Mirror Lens
When you swim in the outdoor environment, (strong sunlight cause eye discomfort and ultraviolet may hurt the eyes.) strong sunlight and ultraviolet may cause discomfort or harm to the eyes. MIROR lenses can reflect most of the sunlight, reduce eye irritation and offer complete protection to the eyes.
To protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation (UV), all Saeko goggles equipped UV protection (layer on the lenses) material into the lenses. It can block UVA, UVB to ensure safety while going outdoor swimming.
WIDE VIEW goggle has bigger lens than regular goggles which provide wider sight, it particularly suit for fitness swimmer or triathletes.
Silicone head strap brings more comfort and durability.